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Evolve Memory Foam Bed Topper

Hurry, limited stock available!

Product Description

At 7.5cm (3") thick, the Evolve Topper is a mattress pad that is ideal for overnight guests or other situations that make buying a full sized SlumberMAAX MAAX Bed impractical. Our topper can also be effective at improving the comfort of other mattresses. So tailor your current mattress top with an Evolve Memory Foam Topper that adjusts to the contours of your body for continuous support. Experience dense memory foam wrapped in a luxurious jacquard velor cover today.

  • Memory Foam: A thick 7.5cm (3") layer of Memory Foam by BASF cradles and adjusts to your body's every curve. 64kg/cu.m. (4lbs/cu.ft.) High Density Memory Foam is extra durable and will provide total pressure point relief for years. Experience ZERO motion transfer with this topper.
  • The Cover: Our King and Queen size toppers have an upgraded luxurious jacquard velour cover.  Our covers have a No-skid bottom and are fully removable for easy care.
  • Warranty: Each Evolve Topper includes a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects.


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   Model Evolve Topper SULTAN TAFJORRD Mattress Overlay
   Size 200 x 180cm 200 x 180cm 200 x 180cm
   Memory Foam Material BASF Unknown Tempur
   Thickness 7.5cm (3") 6cm (2.4") 7cm (2.8")
   Density kg/cu.m. (lbs/cu.ft.) 64kg (4lbs)
50kg (3lbs) 85kg (5lbs)
   Order Online Yes
No No
   Chiropractor Recommended Yes No Yes


2980 ¥16,200


*Tempur-pedic info gathered from the Tempur-pedic store located at Nextage Mall in Shanghai

The Benefits

SlumberMAAX toppers are designed to help you relax and sleep better, so you wake up more refreshed.

Provides unsurpassed body-conforming comfort and support

SlumberMAAX mattresses conform exactly to your shape, and adjust when you move. Memory foam automatically adapts to support your exact body shape and sleep position. So whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach—or if you change positions during the night—the topper fits you as you sleep. You get the support you need in any position.

Helps relieve pressure points

Pressure points are those places where your body presses against the topper—including your shoulders, hips and the heels of your feet. This pressure can trigger discomfort in your body, and when that happens, you naturally shift position to relieve the pressure. If it happens often enough, you end up “tossing and turning“—and you don’t get the relaxing sleep you need. Memory foam material supports you without pressing back. Without pressure points, your body can more fully relax—and you enjoy deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.

Promotes proper spinal alignment

SlumberMAAX toppers adapt to the curves of your body. That means that heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further—while lighter areas sink in less. That keeps your spine straight—which is how it should be. With your spine more properly aligned, your body relaxes more fully—and you can experience your best night’s sleep.

Absorbs motion transfer between sleep partners

Memory foam material absorbs your weight and conforms to your shape. So when two people are sleeping in the same bed, each is supported independently. No one rolls toward the middle, and there is virtually no body motion transferred between sleep partners. If one of you gets up in the middle of the night, the other is likely unaware.

Other Details

King Size:
200cm x 180cm (7.5cm thick)
Queen Size:
190cm x 150cm (7.5cm thick)

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  1. Amazing!

    Posted by Nikki

    I had been blaming my tiredness and soreness on 'China syndrome', pollution etc, but really it was not sleeping properly due to my rubbish mattress. I have never slept better in the 2 years I've lived here. Thanks Slumbermaax!

  2. Expensive but worth it for Expats that didn't plan ahead

    Posted by Fuzzy Taint

    It's expensive but worth it if you have already moved to China and can't stand a board for a mattress. You can get cheaper ones that appear similar back in the states if you are able to plan ahead. We already had a pillow top and now we have both on our bed and love it.

  3. A must have

    Posted by Chris

    After 2 weeks on a hard Chinese bed, I purchased a topper from Slumbermaax. Now I am sleeping properly and feeling very comfortable at night. The best purchase I've made in China. The pre-sales service and delivery was first class as well.

  4. Great and necessary product!

    Posted by Unknown

    Easy ordering online and free delivery! The delivery man accepted my cash-on-delivery, gave me my government receipt, set it up for me and hauled away the packaging....all good! We have 3 of these because we think our guests need them in our guestrooms too!

  5. No more painful awakenings.

    Posted by Nick

    3 stars is too low... but 4, is too close to the top. So I would say 3.75 is probably more accurate! But no kidding... y'all know Chinese beds are for light feather weight people in general. They'll sleep on rock if they had to, until they get past the age of 45...

    For a westerner, not usually that light weight, and not accustomed to sleeping on rock, the SlumberMax is a necessity. No more aching hips!

    I will endure the extra warmth, for the sleeping comfort. So maybe if the R&D folks have time to do some thinking, a layer of compressed Kapok might insert a cooling or ventilating method.

    Still glad I got it.

  6. Blessed sleep

    Posted by Jill

    After a month of living in Shanghai, and waking up every morning feeling like I had been repeatedly kicked in the hip all night long, I ordered a Slumbermaax topper for the king sized brick in our bedroom. This has been the best money we have spent here. My husband and I have had the best sleep and it will be coming back to the States with us when we repatriate. The only problem is that I have been sleeping much too late because I never want to get out of bed!

  7. Great Product

    Posted by John

    Exactly as I expected. Seems to improve my back comfort. I seem to sleep better too.

  8. Excellent

    Posted by Happy customer

    Made our night. After a week of sleeping on a super hard Chinese mattress we were finally able to get some sleep with the Slumbermaax

  9. Solid Performance

    Posted by SlumberMAAX customer

    This product is good. I'm not gushing like many of the other reviews here but it does its job well and we are happy with the product.


    Posted by Kelly

    We have a relatively thick mattress (lucky and hard to find in China) however, it was hard as a rock. We desperately needed a mattress pad. We were searching far and wide all over to find something, anything, that would make it possible for us to sleep through the night. We stumbled upon Slumbermaax while browsing through some China Blogs. We looked at different, cheaper (not by much) mattresses and decided to go ahead and buy this one. Best decison we've ever made. We couldn't be happier. We're finally sleeping through the night comfortably and waking up feeling refreshed and relaxed. So much better than tossing and turning all through the night.
    Thanks Slumbermaax!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 73 | Next

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