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Ikea Shanghai

If you are located in Shanghai and want to get a taste of Sweden, there aren't a whole lot of options. Fortunately, there is one big option -- Ikea Shanghai. Go here to compare SlumberMAAX beds to Ikea beds or Ikea mattresses.  Or visit for some home accessories shopping, a cheap ice cream and hot dog or a place to simply gain a better perspective of Western design (at least design for young people). As you will find in Ikea Shanghai, there is enough here to make this trip a day-long event.
What You Might Expect to Find in the Shanghai IKEA

  • Crowds. BIG crowds! You'll even find people sleeping on the Ikea beds. It is safe to say that the IKEA Shanghai is quite popular among the locals. If you go on a weekend, you will have to fight your way through crowds to get to your desired locations. Also, set aside at least 20 minutes to catch a taxi after your purchases are made.
  • Private drivers. Building off of the first point, you will be pressured by private drivers to take their cars or vans instead of waiting in line for a normal Shanghai taxi. Resist the urge to bite on this bait. The costs will usually be two times or more than you would pay for a normal taxi.
  • Western food. IKEA's around the world are known for their cheap ice cream and hot dogs. It should come as no surprise that this trend continues in the Shanghai IKEA. You will also find a food court where you can get Swedish meatballs, slices of cake, fruit soda and much more. The Shanghai IKEA food court has become a trendy dinner location for Westerners and locals alike.
  • A return policy. While this might not be exciting for most Westerners who are new to Shanghai, it is exciting for anyone who has lived in China for any length of time. The Shanghai IKEA boasts a no haggle return policy for most items. Do note though that any opened Ikea mattress or topper cannot be returned.

For most foreigners living in Shanghai, the IKEA in Shanghai will have somewhat of a nostalgic effect. When comparing our home IKEA to IKEA Shanghai, the similarities will be staggering -- the layout is similar, the items are the same, and the food is just as good (or bad, depending on your tastes). Although the quality of products from Ikea aren't the greatest, the designs look great.  If you are located in Shanghai and are looking for good looking cheap furniture, head over and check out IKEA Shanghai for yourself.

If you plan to look at an Ikea mattress or topper, be sure to click here and print out our the details of our SlumberMAAX beds for easy comparison to Ikea beds. Or click here to compare Ikea's leading topper with our SlumberMAAX Evolve Topper. 

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