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Neck Pillow


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Product Description

The Neck Pillow is for sleepers who want a more controlled sleep posture to address neck or back pain. The contoured design helps align your head, neck and shoulders for more relaxing and restful sleep.

  • Ergonomic shape promotes proper alignment and support
  • Relieves shoulder, neck and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely
  • Contoured memory foam material maintains shape for correct support
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Dust mite and allergen-resistant

Other Details

Back sleep
Pillow Size:
58 x 35 x 10/7.5cm

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  1. Great for back sleepers

    Posted by Unknown

    Great for sleeping on back, a little high for sleeping on side. Overall great pillow, no complaints!

  2. The last 2 weeks have been delightful!

    Posted by Julie G. -Shanghai Expat from Blackpool, UK

    We bought a new bed and mattress as we moved to a new house which was unfurnished, and decided we wanted to be comfortable for the first time in almost 11 years in Asia! We have a partial memory foam mattress at our place in the UK and like that very much, so we decided to look for something similar here. We were delighted to find the information about SlumberMAAX on an expat website, and decided to order the mattress for our new bed. Coupled with the shaped pillows, the last 2 weeks have been delightful, back and shoulder/neck problems are abating and we are both sleeping better than we have for years! The service, before, at and after delivery have been superb, and we would have no hesitation in recommending the product or the company to friends.

  3. Great pillows!

    Posted by Rowena O. -Shanghai Expat from Hong Kong

    I must say, I do enjoy the mattress and the pillows. (especially the pillows) It is something I have been looking for... When my husband and I decide to shop for a new bed, we both felt that this is not an item we'd go cheap on. We looked everywhere for something that would fit his size, and someone directed me to a branded spring mattress manufacturer and I thought I had a great deal. We ended up buying the most expensive one in the showroom, only to find out a few days later that it's one of the most uncomfortable thing you can lie on. Of course, there's no return policy. A few months and many massages later, we finally got rid of it by giving it away to a friend as a spare bed. Frankly I choose SlumberMAAX because they offer a 60 night try out. I figure if I had spent 20 minutes lying in a shop awkwardly and still got it all wrong, this is probably a much smarter way to make a purchase. And I am so relieved to say, my long search for a comfortable bed is finally over and I ended up paying less than half what I had paid last time. I do look forward to go to bed now, as everyone should be.

  4. The pillows are a great match

    Posted by Dieter K. -Shanghai Expat from Munich, Germany

    I am living in a rented apartment here in China which is fully furnished by my landlords. SlumberMAAX is definitely much softer and all that back pain I was suffering of is just gone. The pillows are a great match; I recommend to buy this together. I bought all of it: the mattress for our master bedroom, the topper for our guest room and 3 pillows. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made and I am already telling my friends to consider doing the same - it's great stuff for a very reasonable price! You will like Spencer as well, since he answered all my questions right away and although I couldn't have a look at the products I was going to buy I was feeling comfortable to go ahead and do the shopping for such an important thing like a mattress. This is the right thing and it's done by the right people.

  5. I immediately trashed my old IKEA pillows

    Posted by Peter C. -Shanghai Expat from New York

    Being from New York City, I was quite surprised of how stressful life as an Expat in Shanghai would be. In the last six years that I have lived here I developed progressively worse chronic back pain. First in the middle of my back and in the last year it has progressed to my lower back and hips and I found it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I've tried many solutions and it appears that my mattress here has been the cause of most of these problems. Whether it was my mattress was too stiff or too soft I have never been able to find the right solution. The quality and prices of the products I was looking at were just not up to what I was willing to invest in, and also I wanted to be flexible in the event that I moved to another apartment. Customer service was also high on my list as I immediately reject pushy sales people with limited knowledge of their products. After some web browsing I happened upon SlumberMAAX and decided to order a king size topper and two Lunar Curve pillows. I ordered on a Sunday afternoon and it was personally delivered and installed by Spencer the next day on time as discussed. After the first night I felt immediate improvement on my back pain, especially in the lower back and hips and I was able to sit up and get out of bed normally - no more slowly rolling off the bed in pain. I heard horror stories about new foam mattresses having a strong smell when new, and that they retain too much heat when you lie down on them - but none of that with SlumberMAAX. The Lunar Curve pillows were also of excellent quality and I immediately trashed my old IKEA pillows. I was happily surprised with the whole experience and I would highly recommend anyone with similar back problems to give it a try, you can't go wrong with the quality, price, and customer service.

  6. Love the topper and pillows

    Posted by Richard T. -Shanghai Expat from New York, NY

    The quality of SlumberMAAX's product is superior to IKEA and Carrefour products. You guys were shockingly fast!! Frankly you should advertise how fast and easy it was as a selling point. Love the topper and pillows, though I wish the topper was just a little bit more firm or dense. This is not at all a complaint. Your product is miles better than the competition! In fact you should take pictures of what is available at IKEA (you can see it in cross section there) and at Carrefour. They look so bad that the pictures alone would help sell your product. Thanks again and love my new topper.

  7. An absolute dream

    Posted by Kate -Shanghai Expat from Reading, UK

    After a year of many sleepless nights, and waking with aching joints we decided enough was enough, something needed to be done about our bed. After reading reviews on expat forums I came across SlumberMAAX, and knew my prayers had been answered. Within 30 minutes the order was placed and delivery confirmed for later that day. That night we had the best nights sleep since moving to Shanghai. We bought the mattress topper along with the Cloud 9 pillows, and both are an absolute dream. Not once have we woken with aching joints since, I just wish I'd known about SlumberMAAX a year ago.

  8. My neck and back feel great when I wake up

    Posted by Amanda G. -Shanghai Expat from Royal Oak, Michigan

    I was having issues sleeping and always waking with a sore neck. Now thanks to the topper and the pillow, my neck and back feel great when I wake up. It's extremely comfortable and I enjoy that it can move with us....we move beds, it moves beds :-) Spencer has been very helpful with questions and always answers...usually within 24 hours! I would definitely recommend SlumberMAAX to a friend.

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