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SlumberMAAX is owned by me Iannique Renaud, The first time I came to Asia was in 2003

I have lived in Asia  for the past 13 years. Over 5 years ago I bought one the best memory foam mattress brands in the world which cost me over $7000USD.     I still have one in my guest bedrooms that my mother uses 3 months out of the year when she visits and I must say that she does love it.    As an entrepreneur I knew that there must be a better solution than paying that kind of money for a good night sleep.   I have seen a lot of products and visited a lot of factories. It's always interesting to see how different brand names are often all manufactured at the same factories. These days, everything seems to be made in China.

I have known of SlumberMaax since a friend of mine started it many years ago.  My Chinese bed bought at IKEA started to bend out of shape after about 2 years, which triggered some of the worst back pain so my wife suggest we look for a new mattress.   Many of my friends in the expat world we're recommending SlumberMaax which they have used for years.  Once I tried it, I was hooked.  So, I bought the company.

Here is the story of the previous owner in his own words.

I was sourcing ordinary spring mattresses for the US market a couple years ago and when he thought to himself, "Hey - I could use a nice mattress here in China." After all, years of sleeping on the regular rock hard Chinese style mattresses had taken a toll on my body. I, like many of you, made many attempts at padding those hard Chinese mattresses with inferior pads from Carrefour and extra blankets. With limited success I did what most of you have probably done, somehow learned to live with it.

As I began exporting regular spring mattresses, I took the liberty of ordering one from our supplier for my wife and I to try out. I looked over their line of spring mattresses and went ahead and got one. It was pretty nice! But as time went on, the support started to sag and my wife and I eventually started feeling like we were sleeping in pits. That's about the time I discovered memory foam mattresses.

I've always heard about memory foam mattresses but was never able to actually afford one (Tempur-Pedic mattresses cost thousands of dollars and are so expensive that they actually provide financing to their customers - YIKES!). Since my previous spring mattress had left me wanting more. I had to try one. When I did, it was AMAZING! And, unlike my spring mattress, it's still amazing to this day. I couldn't believe what I had been missing. Why did we put up with all those hard Chinese mattresses for all those years?

Like many other expats, when you find something good over here in Asia, there's a natural tendency to want to spread the word and help out other fellow expats. So that's what I'm doing and that's how SlumberMAAX began.

I hope you enjoy your sleep as much as I do.  

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