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You spend about half of life sleeping so make sure it's good sleep! 

Posted by Giulia R. - Shanghai Expat from the US

After whining to friends about how hard beds are here and how I had to sleep rolled up in a comforter "taco style" or how I needed two comforters, one under me and one over, in order to get a decent night's rest...someone finally mentioned SlumberMAAX and I got a topper and two Cloud 9 pillows... sleeping in Shanghai has been a great pleasure ever since! I tend to have lower back and neck pain from bad mattresses and pillows, from sitting in the office all day and/or from stress but now all is eased away thanks to a good night's sleep! Beyond the obvious comfort and quality of SlumberMAAX, I was blown away by their service. Their responses are prompt, their service is speedy, friendly and courteous and they always seem to be a few steps ahead, anticipating your needs and/or concerns. It is also very refreshing to find something that is easy, high quality and affordable since most things in life are rarely a combination of the three.


This mattress pad is truly and completely comfortable

jim-h.gifPosted by Jim H. - Shanghai Expat from Canada

My wife and I have been in China for the past 2 months and after the first month in a Shanghai hotel sleeping on a very firm mattress we realized that our backs were going to give before the mattress. We went on a search for an apartment and soon realized that all the beds in China were very firm. This put us on a search (via internet) for a western style mattress. We really had no luck searching for western style mattress until going on a few of the expat websites we heard about SlumberMAAX. The day that we moved into our wonderful new apartment with a rock hard bed we had timely delivery of the SlumberMAAX mattress topper. We are now having fantastic sleeps better than our very pricey mattress back in Canada. This mattress pad is truly and completely comfortable. I used to be sore in the mornings but now that is a thing of the past. I highly recommend this product to anyone!


slumbermaax review, shanghai bed, shanghai mattressMy topper is absolutely amaaaaaazing

Posted by Yuan - Shanghai Expat and entrepreneur from Switzerland

Ever since I have gotten my SlumberMAAX, my bed has become the center of my life. I try to spend as much time as possible in my bed (thank God I work from home), I even started to hold meetings in my bed! My topper is absolutely amaaaaaazing, and the customer service has been impeccable from A to Z. I will now purchase another topper for my guest bedroom, and I know already what my parents are going to get for their birthdays this year. Thank you, SlumberMAXX, for changing my life.


So comfortable and warm that our young children have started to sneak back into our bed at nights! Shanghai mattress review by Rae Gibb

Posted by The Gibb family - Shanghai Expats (4 years) from Scotland

The mattress is fabulous - it has given us the best nights sleep we've had in Shanghai. Unfortunately it is so comfortable and warm that our young children have started to sneak back into our bed at nights! As for the service - simply exceptional. We ordered online on a Sunday lunchtime, and it was delivered, unwrapped and tested within 4 hours. Unbelievable. Thank you again, We will be recommending your product and service to all my friends.


I took over a month researching all of the options...

Posted by Bob and Mary Lee - Guangzhou Expats from the USA

bob-lee.jpgLess than one day...less than a day for delivery from Shanghai to Guangzhou? How do you do it?
I simply can't believe it. After making the bank transaction yesterday AFTER- noon, I got a call this morning at 9:30AM... I didn't even answer it. It wasn't until after 11:00 that I finally called back to find out who called. I knew I had a package in route from the US that's been over a month in transit now. I figured, it FINALLY came. Nope! My SlumberMaax topper had been waiting for me for over two hours… I'm so happy. I took over a month researching all of the options I had available to me in Guangzhou. I actually went to each of those other stores and checked out their product and pricing. My wife and I don’t have loads of money and I just wanted to make the right decision the first time. Spencer, you have out done the competition on every detail.

Customer service… Better than excellent, Spencer answered each of my questions over the course of a month within minutes of the time they were sent.

Shipping cost & time… Shanghai to Guangzhou in less than one day? I love it…

Product quality… I personally tried each of the competitions products. The Slumber Maxx topper is superior in every way.

I expected a week or so transition from our very hard bed to the softness of a memory foam bed we have been sleeping on for nearly 8 months. Our bodies just don’t make those types of changes quickly. I was waking up two to three times nightly on our hard bed. After one night with the topper, I fell asleep and the next morning I woke in the exact position I fell asleep. I LOVE IT! The topper is our Valentines gift to each other. You made our Valentines day :-D Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Very impressed

Shanghai SlumberMAAX mattress review by Sarah Rippon

Posted by Sarah Rippon - Shanghai Expat from the UK

From the moment I ordered my mattress topper I have been very impressed with the service provided. I ordered on a Sunday night and my Mattress Topper was delivered the following evening. The delivery van was actually early and waiting for me when I got home. Luckily I had ordered the correct size but the delivery guy bought a tape measure to check and had an alternative size in his van. I am extremely pleased with the product, it really has made my bed so cosy and comfortable and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. The fact that it has a removable and washable cover really appealed to me. A friend of mine actually bought a similar product from Ikea but once she tried out my topper she was far more impressed with mine.


I would highly recommend this company

SlumberMAAX memory foam mattress review by Maria Hinrichs

Posted by Maria Hinrichs - Shanghai Expat from the United States

When we first came to Shanghai and slept on these hard mattresses I said...we have to find a better solution. Then I heard about slumbermaax from a friend and decided to get more information about the product. I emailed them and within 1 hour I had all the answers I needed and within the same day I had the product delivered to my door!!! We were not sure of my bed size so they brought 2 different sizes of the foam topper for us to see. The foam topper has made such a big difference in the comfort of the mattress. I would highly recommend this company and their products not to mention the great service you receive. Try them and I am sure you will be as happy as we are!


We had a Tempur previously and our SlumberMAAX is more comfortable

Posted by Thomas Diaz - Shanghai Expat from Aix en Provence, France

mattress, tempur, slumbermaaxI came to Shanghai in July 2010 to attend China Europe International Business School. I've enjoyed being an expat in Shanghai...it is great so far, no complaints. After me and my family arrived we moved into an apartment in Puxi and we were looking for a new mattress, and my friend Clarke who is featured on your website convinced us to go with SlumberMAAX. We had a Tempur previously and our SlumberMAAX is more comfortable. Everything from the order process, delivery, payment and customer service was extremely professional. The order took minutes to place, the delivery was at the time we requested and the customer service is excellent. I love our new mattress so much that it's dangerous because I never want to get out of bed! I would recommend SlumberMAAX to anyone who is looking for a new mattress.


No more tossing and turning on my hard mattress


Posted by Kristen Pestridge - Shanghai Expat

Thank you Slumbermaax! I love my new mattress topper! The memory foam is perfect and not only does if fit perfectly and made my mattress so much more comfortable, it has made my sleep much more peaceful and restful. No more tossing and turning on my hard mattress. The cover you provided free of charge with the mattress is also very good quality. I also am enjoying the 2 pillows I purchased as well! Your delivery was timely and the delivery person took the time to take my Slumbermaax memory foam mattress topper up three flights of stairs, unpacked it for me and helped me get it placed on the mattress. Great service. I would highly recommend this product to other people! Thanks again for many great nights of sleep.


Husband woke up without back pain for the first time in a very long time!

Posted by Sandra and Nikolay Rocco - Shanghai Expats from Indonesia and Italy

SlumberMAAXMe and my husband have been moving around in Asia for more than 12 years and we are tired of our "landlord" bed and longing for a good bed of our own. And finally decided to invest on SlumberMAAX mattress.

We thought this as our "gifts" to rewarded our self. My husband had back pain for a long time before this. So I make a "rush" order at the evening and asked for deliver the next day. ( my husband had reached the point when enough bad bed is enough!). And the service is great! We got the mattress at our requested day and time! The online ordering process was smooth and painless (trust me I am a big online shopping fan and the experience with SlumberMAAX is remarkable). And this morning my husband woke up without back pain for the first time in a very long time!


This should be on every persons moving to China list

Posted by Angela and Greg Schellenberg - Shanghai Expats from Redmond WA USA

SlumberMAAXMy husband and I recently moved back to Shanghai after being away for 8 years. We are from Redmond, Washington in the U.S.A. My husband is 6'8 (2 meters) and I have had back problems. We found SlumberMAXX through a recommendation of a friend. We spent the first week here without any sleep as the beds we were provided were as hard as a rock. We called Spencer Jan and he was so great! He explained how the Mattress topper worked and informed us of the many people that had contacted him about similar sleeping problems in Shanghai. It was delivered that night and we were so amazed! It has helped us so much and now we are going to purchase them for our twin boys. In my opinion this should be on every persons moving to China list. We are no longer Sleepless in Shanghai! Loved the service and so happy with the product. Order online today you will be so happy you did!
Angela and Greg Schellenberg
Sam and Caleb also!
P.S now we need to get him to make a bed for our dog.


Really impressed at how well you run your business in Shanghai SlumberMAAX

Posted by Leslie P. - Shanghai Expat from Canada

We had a fantastic sleep last night and love the mattress! The pillows are working well also. Your delivery man was just great, so helpful, so efficient! I am really impressed at how well you run your business in Shanghai. It's really nice to find such good service...and appreciated! I will tell my friends about you for sure! How lucky I was to come across your website while searching for something else!


I can read in bed again without feeling really uncomfortable


Posted by Lis Wilson - Shanghai Expat from Hamilton New Zealand

I sleep on a firm posturepedic bed in New Zealand, so I thought that the problems people reported about the hardness of the beds in China was a little over the top. That was until I slept on one here. I think the main issue is that there doesnt appear to be any foam at all on top... just the cover and the springs with a little plywood. Thanks to Spencer and his fast moving replies, I was sleeping on a mattress topper very quickly (within 24 hours). The main difference that I have noticed is that I can read in bed again without feeling really uncomfortable. I had noticed that I had stopped reading before I went to sleep. So a weekend morning lie-in with a good book is back on the cards at this apartment, and I am sleeping better at night.


The topper is really great and now we really feel home! SlumberMAAX

Posted by Elodie B - Shanghai Expat from France

My name is Elodie and I come from France. I arrived 4 years ago in Shanghai to follow my boyfriend. After moving in and out for a few times already we found a great and cosy appartment. Unfortunately the bed was really hard, so we decided to buy a topper, and found out about SlumberMAAX. The service was really nice and we received the topper the day which followed our order. The topper is really great and now we really feel home :)


Slumbermaax.com, shanghai mattressIt makes sleeping comfortable again

Posted by Jason & Carrie - Shanghai Expats from Spokane, Washington, USA

We are really happy with our SlumberMAAX queen size memory foam mattress. It makes sleeping comfortable again and we don't wake up everyday with our joints aching anymore. Also, they were great to work with, providing really good customer service! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has challenges sleeping in their current mattress.


One of the best mattress I ever slept on in my entire life!

shanghai mattress, buy bed, shanghai bedPosted by Titiping R. - Shanghai Expat from Bangkok Thailand

The thing that I found out during my house hunting trip was that Chinese mattress is super hard. Then I found SlumberMAAX from the website. Spencer generously gave away the special promotion but, unfortunately, it will be expired before my relocation date. I contacted him to ask whether he can hold this special price for me for a while. He immediately responsed and was kind enough to hold it for almost two months. Now I’ve been enjoying the mattress for a month and have to say that it’s one of the best mattress I ever slept on in my entire life! I’ve heard about the shape memory foam mattress for sometime but I've never got around to use it because of the pricey tag. However, SlumberMAAX offered a high quality mattress at incredibly affordable price. I will definitely buy another one to bring it back to Bangkok at the end of my assignment here in Shanghai.


slumbermaax review, slumbermaax bedThe money is well worth the investment

Posted by Laura C. - Shanghai Expat from Scotland

I have suffered from back and neck pain for several years and to me one of the most important factors in helping alleviate symptoms is ensuring that I have a good mattress. I highly recommend the slumbermaax mattresses as they provide support and comfort that I have not found in any other mattress' like it. The money is well worth the investment as it's your health that you are looking after both in the short and long term.


This topper made me late for work!

Posted by Jed Chen - Shanghai Expat from Taiwan

I work in Shanghai , and the bed in my dorm is really really hard to sleep well. I usually wake up several times on night , it make me feel tired even after a whole night sleeping. My original plan is to buy a topper which brand starts with "T" , but the price is terrible and I am hard to make the decision. I heard SlumberMAA​X from my friend , and he is using the pillow. I tried the pillow and feel good about that , but it is hard to find any review about the topper. After thinking several days , I decide to stake all on one throw ! The customer service is very nice , quickly response , patient , the order process is easy to finish. And the deliever time also professional as I hope , deliever in time we booking , not late without any information. This topper make me feel satisfied , it feels a little more hard than which brand - "T" , but cost much cheaper. The recover speed after press is also a little bit too fast , but I think it offer better suspension when sleeping. I can not pick any weak point about this topper , beside one. The first day after I sleep on the topper , I OVERSLEEP to wake up and late for work !! Thanks to SlumberMAAX !


Absolute comfort

Posted by Lawrence Burne - Shanghai Expat from Oakland, California

The memory foam mattress we purchased from SlumberMAAX is an essential addition to the extremely hard mattresses the Chinese are accustomed to use. We have travelled a bit since coming to China and have had some sleepless nights due to uncomfortable beds. Our first few nights in our Shanghai apartment were very difficult. Fortunately, we found your business on-line and you delivered the mattress the same day we that we placed our order. Absolute comfort since. Our guest bed is next. As soon as we have confirmed visitors from home, we'll be ordering again.


I can't say enough good things about the service

Posted by Rebecca M. - Shanghai Expat from Orlando, Florida USA

Relocating to Shanghai from the US, when looking at apartments, the bed appeared to have a box spring but no mattress. I asked my agent if the owner would be providing a mattress. I was told it was the mattress. Oh my. I slept on it for 2 nights, trying to adjust and get use to it. There was no way I could do it. I mentioned the mattress to someone at work who is from the UK and he told me about SlumberMAAX topper and how great it was. I placed an order that day. Communication about my order, payment, and delivery was timely and thorough. The next day I had my topper delivered to my apartment at the time promised. The team even assisted in setting the bed up, which I greatly appreciate. I can't say enough good things about the service I received before and after my purchase. The product exceeded expectations as well, it is wonderful! I sleep so good now in Shanghai. I am very pleased and now wonder how I am going to ship my topper home back to the US when the time comes. Many thanks for the great service and product.


Shanghai's Expats from Germany love SlumberMAAX too!

Posted by Silke und Thomas Buettner -Shanghai Expats from Germany

Wir kauften uns die Matratze nachdem wir einen Sitztest bei Freunden machten. Wir waren sofort begeistert. Ausserdem war nach einigen Jahren sowieso mal wieder eine neue Schlafunterlage faellig. Ein wohlverdienter Schlaf mit einer Entpannung der gesamten Muskulatur ist das wichtigste um den stressvollen Alltag in China zu meistern. Dies kann uns die neue Matratze in vollem Umfang bieten. Wir schlafen jetzt seit 2 Wochen auf der neuen Matratze und es faellt uns schwer das Bett am Morgen zu verlassen. Kurz gesagt, wir schlafen wunderbar. Keine Rueckenschmerzen mehr und ein angenehmes Liegen macht uns jeden Tag gute Laune. Der "Morgenmuffel" hat ausgediehnt. Wir koennen diese Matratze nur jedem weiterempfehlen. Das Preis- Leistungsverhaeltnis stimmt voll und ganz. es lohnt sich! viele Gruesse Silke und Thomas


Saturday night was the most comfortable that I had spent in Shanghai

Posted by Tom Marling - Shanghai Expat

I arrived in Shanghai in early August, looking forward to a new job, new housing, and new experiences. However I wasn't quite prepared for the sleep experience afforded me by the new, but very hard mattress in my house. I have for some years had a lower back problem, which most of the time is relatively very minor. However, I soon realized the hard sleeping surface was not helping this situation and seemed to be making a small problem quite big. Fortunately one of my colleagues at work mentioned that she had heard of a mattress 'topper' from SlumberMAAX that another of our colleagues had recently purchased and was very pleased with. I asked around and went on the web site and made the decision to invest in the 'Evolve' mattress topper. The ordering and delivery could not have been easier. I ordered on-line Thursday afternoon and the topper was delivered Saturday morning. Saturday night was the most comfortable that I had spent in Shanghai. I am much more rested these days, and the lower back problem is no longer a major issue. I am very pleased with the product and the ease of ordering, payment and delivery made this a great overall experience. Likely I will order another topper from SlumberMAAX for the guest bed in the near future.


The mattress is great as are the pillows but together they are brilliant!!

Posted by Louisa C. - Shanghai Expat

Just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you I am loving the pillow. And where did you find your assistant that delivered my order, as she was lovely. I would also like to mention that the mattress is great as are the pillows but together they are brilliant!!


I can read in bed again without feeling really uncomfortable

Posted by Lis Wilson - Shanghai Expat from Hamilton New Zealand

I sleep on a firm posturepedic bed in New Zealand, so I thought that the problems people reported about the hardness of the beds in China was a little over the top. That was until I slept on one here. I think the main issue is that there doesnt appear to be any foam at all on top... just the cover and the springs with a little plywood. Thanks to Spencer and his fast moving replies, I was sleeping on a mattress topper very quickly (within 24 hours). The main difference that I have noticed is that I can read in bed again without feeling really uncomfortable. I had noticed that I had stopped reading before I went to sleep. So a weekend morning lie-in with a good book is back on the cards at this apartment, and I am sleeping better at night.


More than happy with our new bed!

Posted by Steven P. -Shanghai Expat from Tacoma WA USA

Having lived in 3 countries over the past 8 years, I have to say that China has the worst beds. After coming back to Shanghai from a summer back in the US, we decided that it was about time for a better bed. My wife found SlumberMAAX through some of the expat forums. We gave it a try and although the mattress doesn't fit our bed perfectly (the landlord had it custom made to some strange size) it was definitely worth it! Aside from the feel of your bed, we really like how the bed doesn't shake around when someone rolls out in the middle of the night. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps offer more sizes. Overall, we're more than happy with our new bed!


Two thumbs up!

Posted by Tabitha R. -Shanghai Expat from Detroit MI USA

Our family just moved into Shanghai and we are SLOWLY adjusting to life in China (leaving home was harder than I thought *sigh*). We didn't bring with us any furniture so we've been running around trying to find everything we need to fill up our apartment. Although there was a bed and mattress in our apartment, I knew after the first night that we had to find something better. The mattress the landlord gave us was new and still wrapped in plastic but was hard as a rock. One side even seemed to have a wood board inside...kind of strange. Anyway, we found SlumberMAAX through a friend and we ordered online that day. Delivery was on time and they even set it up for us which was nice. I love the mattress and really enjoyed the quick response to my questions (sorry I had so many!). Thumbs up for SlumberMAAX!


Like a big hug rewarding you for your hard day

Posted by Sandy H. -Shanghai Expat from Dallas, TX

So, in a totally pregnant, desperate move I ordered the mattress from SlumberMAAX yesterday. It seemed a little pricey, but I had not slept in 3 days due to aching hips at night and was almost out the door to IKEA for a mattress top anyway. I am so glad I checked my SHM first!! Spencer not only responded right away- they got it delivered to me that night! This mattress is like a big hug rewarding you for your hard day. It is heaven! I cannot believe that I have been lying on those awful beds for the past two years! Mammas, if you are even just thinking about it, just do it. I am so glad I did... I can't wait until bedtime tonight!!


Contours a tailored fit for both of our very-different bodies.

Posted by Donald & Lan Ying McQueen -Shanghai Expats from Houston TX

Sleep is extremely important to us. We've enjoyed the support of the SlumberMAAX mattress, along with the pillow. Lan Ying commented that, after laying on a massage table with minimal or no support, she could feel the significantly firmer support that SlumberMAAX provides. She can sit and read or watch TV, as well as sleep, and the memory foam mattress supports her in whatever position she's in. It's nice to be able to get up in the middle of the night and not disturb my wife and have a mattress that contours a tailored fit for both of our very-different bodies. We definitely like the comfort, support and price. We especially appreciated Spencer 'going the extra mile' to get our mattress to us within 24 hrs, with assurances that, for any reason, if we weren't satisfied and wanted to return the SlumberMAAX mattress, we could do so (in the first 60 days), with no hassle. Besides Shanghai, I'm living/working in Wuxi, but have family whom I refer to as 'home' outside of Houston, TX. I'd like to get the 'Topper' for my use in my other 'workplace apartment'. Thanks again for helping us look forward more to our nights of rest.


A slice of heaven!

Posted by Erin N. -Shanghai Expat from Portland, OR

We recently moved to China and are kicking ourselves for not bringing the most important thing...OUR BED! After months of settling for a sore back and waking up completely exhausted it was around the 7 month of my pregnancy when I said to my husband enough is enough! A quick search on some popular expat chat sites lead me to SlumberMAAX. I was sold by the first testimonial I read on their website from another pregnant women in as much desperation as me. A quick email to Spencer and no kidding 3 hours later he was at my doorstep delivering a "slice of heaven!" THANK YOU SlumberMAAX as we appreciate your excellent service and will recommend your product to all of our friends still suffering sleepless nights.


I have had nothing but restful sleep since I got your mattress

Posted by Leo M. -Jinan Expat from the United States

I recently got married in Jinan, China, and I told my Chinese wife about the memory foam mattresses I had used in the U.S. She was skeptical and told me about how the Chinese believe soft beds may warp your spine. I explained to her that wasn't true and she agreed to trying one. I found your business on the internet, but she warned me that buying products online in China was very risky. I'm glad I spoke to you about the problem and I wanted to thank you for your unique solution to the matter. Not only did it make it possible for me to buy the bed, but allowed my wife to feel completely comfortable with the purchase. And just to update you, my wife loves the bed. We were on a trip to Beijing recently and she told me how she hoped we would return sooner to sleep on the bed we got from you!! As for me, I have had nothing but restful sleep since I got your mattress. Thanks again for all your help and excellent product.


I actually get excited to lay down at night!

Posted by Michelle K. -Shanghai Expat from Columbus, Ohio

Our mattress here was acceptable, but I wanted something comfortable enough to make me excited to lay in bed. Both my husband and I have had sore backs and in order for our place here to really feel like home we had to figure something better out. With SlumberMAAX there are no pressure points. I can lay on my side, my stomach or back and lay comfortably, without shifting my hips or arching my back in uncomfortable positions. I actually get excited to lay down at night! We spend more time in bed at night than we do most other single places throughout a day, and dividing the cost of paying for a comfortable bed over the time we are here, is well worth the cost....especially the cost if the time here is not a comfortable one.


Pleased with every aspect of dealing with SlumberMAAX

Posted by Elizabeth L. -Shanghai Expat from Houston TX

My body just melts into the mattress. It's one of the few beds where I don't feel uncomfortable sleeping on my back. You really have excellent customer service and were very prompt in replying to all my queries. You arrived on time with a smile and both my husband and I felt like you were genuinely a friendly and helpful person and it wasn't just a show for "business" Even though I knew you were extremely busy, you weren't rushed and we were very pleased with every aspect of dealing with SlumberMAAX.


The service, before, at and after delivery have been superb.

Posted by Julie G. -Shanghai Expat from Blackpool, UK

We bought a new bed and mattress as we moved to a new house which was unfurnished, and decided we wanted to be comfortable for the first time in almost 11 years in Asia! We have a partial memory foam mattress at our place in the UK and like that very much, so we decided to look for something similar here. We were delighted to find the information about SlumberMAAX on an expat website, and decided to order the mattress for our new bed. Coupled with the shaped pillows, the last 2 weeks have been delightful, back and shoulder/neck problems are abating and we are both sleeping better than we have for years! The service, before, at and after delivery have been superb, and we would have no hesitation in recommending the product or the company to friends.


This is the right thing and it's done by the right people.

Posted by Dieter K. -Shanghai Expat from Munich, Germany

I am living in a rented apartment here in China which is fully furnished by my landlords. SlumberMAAX is definitely much softer and all that back pain I was suffering of is just gone. The pillows are a great match; I recommend to buy this together. I bought all of it: the mattress for our master bedroom, the topper for our guest room and 3 pillows. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made and I am already telling my friends to consider doing the same - it's great stuff for a very reasonable price! You will like Spencer as well, since he answered all my questions right away and although I couldn't have a look at the products I was going to buy I was feeling comfortable to go ahead and do the shopping for such an important thing like a mattress. This is the right thing and it's done by the right people.


I wished all the things I bought came with this type of customer service!

Posted by Patti & Gary C. -Shanghai Expats from California

We were looking for a new mattress because I was having problems with our 3 year-old (mid-range) mattress-- there was one spot in the middle that lost its "springiness" within the first year, and I felt like I was falling into that spot every night. After switching to memory foam pillows a couple of months ago, my husband and I decided to try SlumberMAAX. We had shopped in all the high-end mattress stores, and tried those mattresses to see if we'd like memory foam mattresses. Well, we decided to give SlumberMAAX a try, as the price was attractive, and it wouldn't be too much of a loss if it turned out that we didn't like it. After a week-trial, I have to say, we really like it-- in fact, we are getting another one for our kids! The customer service was incredible-- Spencer responded quickly to my questions regarding this temperature sensitive viscoelastic foam, and showed his expertise in this field when answering my multiple questions. We ordered the mattress late in the afternoon, and received it the next morning! It was a real pleasure meeting him, and I wished all the things I bought came with this type of customer service!


My long search for a comfortable bed is finally over

Posted by Rowena O. -Shanghai Expat from Hong Kong

I must say, I do enjoy the mattress and the pillows. (especially the pillows) It is something I have been looking for... When my husband and I decide to shop for a new bed, we both felt that this is not an item we'd go cheap on. We looked everywhere for something that would fit his size, and someone directed me to a branded spring mattress manufacturer and I thought I had a great deal. We ended up buying the most expensive one in the showroom, only to find out a few days later that it's one of the most uncomfortable thing you can lie on. Of course, there's no return policy. A few months and many massages later, we finally got rid of it by giving it away to a friend as a spare bed. Frankly I choose SlumberMAAX because they offer a 60 night try out. I figure if I had spent 20 minutes lying in a shop awkwardly and still got it all wrong, this is probably a much smarter way to make a purchase. And I am so relieved to say, my long search for a comfortable bed is finally over and I ended up paying less than half what I had paid last time. I do look forward to go to bed now, as everyone should be.


My back pain has disappeared. We sleep like babies!

Posted by Alex D. -Shanghai Expat from Mexico

The mattress that we had was not in best shape and I was getting pain in my back. This is my first memory foam mattress and I like it so far. It is very comfortable. Good balance, not hard not soft. Sleep now is great. No more pain in my back even when I sleep little more than usual (weekends). I fully recommend SlumerMAAX. My wife and I have had pleasurable sleep and my back pain has disappeared. We sleep like babies.


Best quality/price range king size mattress ever!

Posted by Kian O. -Shanghai Expat from Madrid, Spain

As you know I have just moved into a new apartment and I've spent most of the week and weekend unpacking, buying new furniture, etc, for now I only have the mattress so by the end of the day it gives me real comfort to think that the moment for lying on it is near. Whether sitting or lying on it, the feeling is of enjoyment and relaxation, its a pleasure to sink into it. Once the lights go off it takes just a few seconds before I'm a deep and nurturing sleep, for the first time in the 2 years that I'm in Shanghai I've gone back to sleeping on my belly and sometimes even without a pillow, not because these are not extremely comfortable but because I don't need them as much. I have mentioned to my friends and basketball team mates the pleasure of sleeping on a SlumberMAAX mattress and when asked to compare with a Tempur I've been very objective as I've tried both, similar sleeping experience at a fraction of the price, best quality/price range king size mattress ever! The only downside is having to leave it at 7am specially if my GF is still lying on it, that I really hate!


Love the bed!

Posted by Tamsyn & Nick K. -Shanghai Expats from London, UK

I just wanted to let you know we love the bed... Nick says he has twice woken up in the morning in the same position he went to sleep in!


Love it! Look forward to going to sleep every day!

Posted by Haw D. -Shanghai Expat from Sweden

We bought a new bed and wanted a new luxurious and comfortable mattress to go with it. We were tired of sleeping on extremely hard and uncomfortable Chinese mattresses. Its feels so comfortable and cozy the minute you lie in it.
It feels like it hugs your body. Its firm yet has a nice cushy feel. You don't feel the other person moving around in the bed during the night. Falling asleep and staying asleep on it is not a problem at all. Love it! Look forward to going to sleep every day! Would definitely recommend it to a friend!


Never going back!

Posted by Jeff J. -Shanghai Expat from Dallas, TX

For those that have never used memory foam - try it! You'll see what you've been missing and never go back to an ordinary spring bed.


Best Way to get a Great Night's Sleep

Posted by Craig N. - Shanghai Expat from Phoenix AZ USA

My wife and I had seen the SlumberMAAX ad on the ex-pat websites and were interested even before we moved to Shanghai. When we got here, after only two days of tossing and turning on the hard beds we were definitely ready to take the plunge. We got a king size topper for ourselves and a queen for our daughter the next day. We all slept great. They work very well and the quality of the manufacture is impressive. Thanks Spencer!


Your topper is superior in every way!

Posted by Jim O'Brien - Shanghai Expat from Novi, Michigan USA

I really needed a good night sleep and I purchased a topper from an International market that turned out to be not the quality I was looking for. I discovered SlumberMAAX on the Shanghai Expat website and your comparison was absolutely correct. Your topper is superior in every way and I finally am getting good sleep. My experience was very good. The follow up to my order before the delivery was very useful because I discovered I had ordered the wrong size. One phone call fixed the order and the mattress topper was delivered on time the day after I ordered. I have already recommended some friends.


Definitely money well spent!

Posted by Nick and Abby - Shanghai Expats from York, PA, USA

The topper is definitely money well spent. As promised the hip and back pain we were experiencing has gone away almost instantly! Our only regret is that we did not buy the topper sooner! Thanks for providing such a great product and great service in Shanghai!


Really impressed with the service, the honesty and the courtesy.

Posted by Andrea Stubbs – Shanghai Expat from Mexico

I’ve been living in Asia for more than 5 years and I always noticed that my quality of resting at night wasn’t as good as it was back at home with my good mattress. It wasn’t a big deal, except that every time I went home or stayed in a good hotel, I definitely felt the difference and no having a good mattress started to bother me. After three years living in Shanghai and looking for a good mattress everywhere I decide it to try SlumberMAAX. I contact them with a couple questions and I was really impressed with the service, the honesty and the courtesy. I got the bed topper and I love it! Even my husband, who didn’t know I bought it and who consider our mattress “not a bad one” notice right away the difference.
I really recommend it, good price, nice feeling, good rest and after all, the service is great. Spencer makes sure to contact you right away, to deliver and leave it ready for your nice sleep.


Blows away similar priced IKEA products!

Posted by David H. - Shanghai Expat from Boston MA & Oxford England

I just moved to a new apartment and the bed had one of those really hard, sort of half height Chinese rock hard mattresses. As I had nowhere to put the Chinese mattress I thought I'd try a good quality mattress pad/topper, but i wasn't sure if it would be comfortable enough. Firstly I wasn't sure if a mattress pad would be sufficient on top of the hard Chinese mattress, but it worked brilliantly, its really comfortable, as good as my - not inexpensive - full foam mattress in the US. The quality is really first class, blows away similar priced IKEA product. Great customer service and the product is really good. I emailed Spencer at around 2am and he delivered the next day before 5pm. I would unreservedly recommend SlumberMAAX to friends as co-workers and have already done so.


Really rejuvenated our 5 year old mattress!

Posted by Betty & Henry - Shanghai Expats from Los Angeles, California

It's never easy finding the bed that's just right...especially here in China. We were fortunate to have stumbled across SlumberMAAX. The mattress topper has really rejuvenated our 5 year old mattress. What impressed me the most was the service from every member of the SlumberMAAX team. Good job!


Sleeping better than we have in a long time... definitely worth the price!

Posted by Cindi Dalke - Shanghai Expat from Templeton, CA

After 2 months at home in the States I was really dreading coming back to our Chinese mattress. All my expectations were met - it was as uncomfortable as ever! I was so excited to see the ad for SlumberMAAX but hesitated to order because I have always thought that memory foam mattresses or toppers might not breathe and be too warm. But out of desperation for a good night's sleep I ordered a topper. I have found the warmth to not be an issue - or else I'm sleeping too soundly to notice. My husband and I both had to switch to flatter pillows but are now sleeping better than we have in a long time. We were very pleased with the delivery also as it came within just a few hours of placing our order online. I wish I could say that all my sleep problems have been solved, but at least I can't blame an uncomfortable bed any longer. The SlumberMAAX topper was definitely worth the price.


So reasonably priced I was shocked!

Posted by Michelle M. -Shanghai Expat from Long Beach, CA

We are very much enjoying our SlumberMAAX Topper! The one thing I have never been able to understand or get used to in China are their ridiculously hard beds! My husband and I had 2 cotton pillow tops and a feather top on our bed here in China but we still woke up aching backs. After our daughter was born we made a brief visit to the states to visit family and we got to sleep on a memory foam bed. It was 3 weeks of bliss and NO back aches! So after we got back to China I just couldn't take it anymore. I was so tired of waking up feeling like I hadn't gotten any rest. Especially with the extra strain of carrying a baby around every day my back was just always in pain. I was desperate. Then I saw a link to your site on ShanghaiMama's and I was SO excited. By that point I would have paid almost anything for a good night sleep but your beds were so reasonably priced I was shocked! I ordered it right away and slept on it the night we got it. I no longer wake up feeling like I got hit by a bus. My back pain is gone. Also, my husband loves that I don't wake up grumpy any more. :o) Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product. Shanghai needs you! I have already recommended you to a several of my friends.


Almost cried with happiness!

Posted by Catherine R. -Shanghai Expat from Oakland, CA

Having spent 7 nights on an extremely hard mattress we needed to find a solution. The mattress topper solved our problem. I am amazed at what a difference it has made to a mattress that felt like concrete! I climbed into bed the night Spencer delivered the topper and almost cried with happiness. I slept beautifully from the night it arrived and haven't looked back! I would absolutely recommend this company to a friend. The customer service is excellent and the product is a life saver!


My hips and back are no longer sore when I wake up

Posted by Erin -Shanghai Expat from Boston, MA

We are from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. Since we moved to Shanghai 9 months ago the hard mattresses were difficult to get used and a common source of back aches, head aches and lack of sleep. I am now 5 months pregnant and sleeping on a rock hard bed is no longer an option. After doing some research on mattress toppers I decided to go with SlumberMAAX because of the antibacterial/anti-mite coating and for it's thickness. Since receiving the topper we have both slept better and my hips and back are no longer sore when I wake up. Thank you for the great and quick service Spencer!


One of the best investment one can have for a home

Posted by Lou. L -Shanghai Expat from Singapore

Hi Spencer, Thank you for the great product, I now wake up feeling energized and am ready to tackle another challenging day. I totally fell in love with my SlumberMAAX topper after the first night I slept on it, this mattress had miraculously released all pressure from my body. In fact, I am so well "nested" into the topper, I don't think I had moved at all. I guess there will be no more waking up with body aches for me. One of the best investment one can have for a home, a "must have" for quality sleep. I would recommend to every household especially those with trouble sleeping and back problem. Thank you for going all the way out in making this happened within 24 hours despite the heavy rain, I wasn't expecting delivery but was pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up for your product and service! Am staying up for my Brazil vs. Chile game tonight and I am not worried about tomorrow because I know SlumberMAAX would help me to maximize my rest...ha.ha... BRAZIL Yeah!!


Can't go wrong with the quality, price, and customer service

Posted by Peter C. -Shanghai Expat from New York

Being from New York City, I was quite surprised of how stressful life as an Expat in Shanghai would be. In the last six years that I have lived here I developed progressively worse chronic back pain. First in the middle of my back and in the last year it has progressed to my lower back and hips and I found it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I've tried many solutions and it appears that my mattress here has been the cause of most of these problems. Whether it was my mattress was too stiff or too soft I have never been able to find the right solution. The quality and prices of the products I was looking at were just not up to what I was willing to invest in, and also I wanted to be flexible in the event that I moved to another apartment. Customer service was also high on my list as I immediately reject pushy sales people with limited knowledge of their products. After some web browsing I happened upon SlumberMAAX and decided to order a king size topper and two lunar curve pillows. I ordered on a Sunday afternoon and it was personally delivered and installed by Spencer the next day on time as discussed. After the first night I felt immediate improvement on my back pain, especially in the lower back and hips and I was able to sit up and get out of bed normally - no more slowly rolling off the bed in pain. I heard horror stories about new foam mattresses having a strong smell when new, and that they retain too much heat when you lie down on them - but none of that with SlumberMAAX. The lunar curve pillows were also of excellent quality and I immediately trashed my old IKEA pillows. I was happily surprised with the whole experience and I would highly recommend anyone with similar back problems to give it a try, you can't go wrong with the quality, price, and customer service.


I would definitely recommend you guys

Posted by Blair & Kat -Shanghai Expats from Syndney Australia

New to Shanghai from Sydney, we spent a few weeks searching for a comfortable mattress topper everywhere including IKEA. Nothing met our requirements until I found SlumberMAAX website from an expat forum. The mattress topper arrive the next day on time, no hassle. We have been having great nice sleep ever since. I would definitely recommend you guys to all our friends coming to Shanghai in the near future. Thanks again for making our new home in Shanghai a LOT more comfortable!


Shockingly fast!!

Posted by Richard T. -Shanghai Expat from New York, NY

The quality of SlumberMAAX's product is superior to IKEA and Carrefour products. You guys were shockingly fast!! Frankly you should advertise how fast and easy it was as a selling point. Love the topper and pillows, though I wish the topper was just a little bit more firm or dense. This is not at all a complaint. Your product is miles better than the competition! In fact you should take pictures of what is available at IKEA (you can see it in cross section there) and at carrefour. They look so bad that the pictures alone would help sell your product. Thanks again and love my new topper.


Best nights sleep since moving to Shanghai

Posted by Kate -Shanghai Expat from Reading, UK

After a year of many sleepless nights, and waking with aching joints we decided enough was enough, something needed to be done about our bed. After reading reviews on expat forums I came across SlumberMAAX, and knew my prayers had been answered. Within 30 minutes the order was placed and delivery confirmed for later that day. That night we had the best nights sleep since moving to Shanghai. We bought the mattress topper along with the cloud9 pillows, and both are an absolute dream. Not once have we woken with aching joints since, I just wish I'd known about SlumberMAAX a year ago.


Friendly and flexible service

Posted by Louisa C. -Shanghai Expat from Lincoln UK

I have been living in China for over 8 years now and in all that time I have had to suffer with rock hard mattresses and make do measures involving sub-standard mattress toppers. I used to love business trips as the hotel mattresses were bliss compared to the beds I had at home. After suffering with lower back pain every morning for the last six months I decided enough was enough and I had to find a solution. I came across your company through the Shanghai expat website and doing some of my own research I decided that the mattress topper would be my best option as I move quite a bit and that would be the most convenient to take with me. From placing my order, through to delivery I was met with transparent, friendly and flexible service and ever since I have been using my topper I have had great night's(and days..) sleep. It is so comfortable and I can feel a difference with my back and general well-being as we all know that getting a decent nights sleep is integral to well-being. It might explain why I have been grumpy for 8 years(ha ha). I have already recommended your company to my friends and I would not hesitate to use your company again, in fact I am looking at how comfortable those pillows of yours must be.


Top score from us

Posted by B. Olsen - Shanghai Expat from Norway

Finding the chinese mattresses that came with our house rock hard we went shopping for a topper for our bed. After trying for a while with a thin topper from a different vendor we still found ourselves wanting more comfort. A little googling and surfing the web took us to SlumberMAAX's website. We ended up sending an order from the webpage and we got an reply the same (Sunday) evening with the delivery date. On the day the sales representative came and delivered the mattress as promised right on time, for China this is a first for us. Topper was unpacked and put on the bed and there it will stay because we are now very comfortable. Top score from us.


The best sleep in years

Posted by Harry R. -Shanghai Expat from Hamilton, Ontario Canada

I'm from Canada and working in Shanghai for probably the next year or more. I researched mattress toppers on the internet and new what I wanted, just wanted to find the right company with the right product. I had a material topper on the bed but always awoke with a sore back, this is the reason I wanted to get a memory foam topper and SlumberMaax seemed to have all the right info and products. The delivery was right on schedule, the representative was courteous and polite and knew the product. They unwrapped and placed on the bed and told me to wait at least 30 minutes for it to expand. I followed their directions and everything was as explained. The first night I had the best sleep in years. Since Sunday, I have been having an uneventful sleep. I haven't been waking up because of uncomfortable positions or with any back pain at all. I can only say your product is described by SlumberMaax as a rest aide, but to me it is a Godsend. Your product exceeds all expectations and I am confident I will have many restful nights on this topper. I will gladly endorse this product. My main concern was a good night sleep and your product has gone beyond my expectations. Thank you for a wonderful product and the professionalism your company and staff have provided.


I would definitely recommend SlumberMAAX

Posted by Amanda G. -Shanghai Expat from Royal Oak, Michigan

I was having issues sleeping and always waking with a sore neck. Now thanks to the topper and the pillow, my neck and back feel great when I wake up. It's extremely comfortable and I enjoy that it can move with us....we move beds, it moves beds :-) Spencer has been very helpful with questions and always answers...usually within 24 hours! I would definitely recommend SlumberMAAX to a friend.


Better than our bed back home in the States

Posted by Jim & Lori D. -Shanghai Expats from Pleasant Hill, CA

Company I work for bought us a memory foam topper that both of us could not sleep well with. Wife went off a recommendation from Shanghai Mama's group and it was the best thing we ever did! We have enjoyed having the SlumberMAAX Topper as it is even better than our bed back home in the States. Little softer than our Tempur Pedic back home. We would definitely buy from SlumberMAAX again and will highly recommend to our friends.


I would recommend it to a friend

Posted by Michael R. -Shanghai Expat from Temecula CA

I just could no longer sleep on the hard Chinese mattresses. And I was close to purchasing a new mattress all together but I saw SlumberMAAX as a cost effective alternative. And we are happy with it. For such a slim product it offers the comfort and soft feel as a much thicker mattress top. It's great and I would recommend it to a friend. I purchased it for one bed but will be ordering another for my daughter's bed as well.


First class service

Posted by Vince S. -Shanghai Expat from UK

The quality of your products is excellent and I am more than happy with the topper, I would say in fact first class service. Your email confirmation, the ease of ordering, your payment options, your delivery and service, are nothing less than perfect. I ordered online in the morning and received it at 7 that evening unpacked by your company and put on my bed. Overall rating is First Class and recommended.


More comfortable than our mattress back home

Posted by Anne P. -Shanghai Expat from Bountiful, UT

Our mattress topper from SlumberMAAX is great! Our hard Chinese mattress was even worse after two years than when we first arrived, with the springs digging into us at night. With the topper, we are even more comfortable than we were on our mattress back home. And the process couldn't have been more simple. We ordered online and it was at our house that evening. We just unrolled it on top of our mattress and were sleeping well that very night!


Support in the right places

Posted by Sooka P. -Shanghai Expat from the UK

The mattress topper is really comfortable - I can feel the difference and my very firm old mattress plus the SlumberMAAX topper is now giving me all the support in the right places that I was looking for. Definitely recommend one.


No complaints! No turning back for sure!

Posted by Christy R. -Shanghai Expat from Mountain View, CA

We moved in with furniture already in our home. The beds were extremely hard. We needed a topper to not wake up sore and still tired! We have loved how soft the topper makes our bed now. It really is so comfortable! The memory foam is amazing. Our overall experience has been very positive. No complaints! No turning back for sure! We would definitely recommend the topper.


Quality at an affordable price

Posted by Lionel Ladrat -Shanghai Expat

Hi all, I d like to share my brief but very enjoyable experience with SlumberMAAX. I have been living in Shanghai for 2 years and half now, and like a lot of foreigners living in China had a really hard time with the rock hard mattresses that locals are used to sleep on... My sleep quality was very bad, hard time to fall asleep, waking up every hour, back pain .... So I decided to look for a mattress topper that could render my bed more comfortable. I went to few stores, but the price for this kind of topper for king size bed were way over my budget.... I visited an expat website and saw an ad for SlumberMAAX. I went on to visit their website and found that their product line was very simple but easy to choose from and most importantly affordable ... I have sent a few email to them to query further and received immediate and very professional feedback. I decided then to go through with it and to order the memory foam topper. Couple days after I filled out the purchasing online form, the delivery man was here on time and was putting the topper on my bed. The product fulfilled my expectations as now my bed is very comfortable and my quality of sleep improved drastically. I was also very please by the quality of the product itself for such an affordable price. My overall experience is SlumberMAAX is very good... easy ordering process, delivery on time, easy payment process, and good quality product. I will definitively recommend SlumberMAAX to my friends and if needed get back to them for further purchases....


Essential for a good sleep here in Shanghai

Posted by Blair C. -Shanghai Expat from Wellington, New Zealand

I am very much enjoying peaceful nights sleep and waking up without niggles or pain. The topper is essential for a good sleep here in Shanghai. The service, free delivery and installation make it so easy and I have given out your info to many customers at the butchery.

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