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Using Elephant Bean Bags to Personalize Your Expat Apartment in China

blog.jpgThe ability for expats to personalize their apartments in China is usually cut short due to most apartments already being furnished. Unless you work out a deal with the landlord, you will be stuck with default beds, sofas, tables and more. If you find yourself in this situation, there is still hope if you can think a bit outside of the box with your interior design. One particular idea comes to us from the UK – the Elephant Bean Bag.

Generally speaking, a bean bag is something that we envision throwing or sitting on. It may be considered more of a novelty or child’s seat than anything else. The elephant bean bag takes the traditional bean bag one step further – it can be used by children and adults alike and can be used for sitting, lounging or sleeping.

Elephant Bean Bag Explanation

Think of a traditional bean bag seat and multiply that size by about 2 or 3. From there, think of it being more flexible with an exterior that is waterproof and immune to tears due to normal usage. The elephant allows you to flatten it into a bed, roll it up into a ball, or punch it in to create a seat with both neck and back support. This is one of the most flexible pieces of furniture available and is a perfect addition for apartments that lack the space for traditional furniture.

Elephant Bean Bag Ideas for Expat Apartments in China

If you have children, you can rest assured that the elephant bean bag will be the most popular piece of furniture for them and their friends. Children love using their imagination and the idea of climbing a piece of furniture, sitting inside or on top of it or even sleeping on it will allow their creativity to flow. Whether your children are watching DVDs or playing video games, you will likely see that the elephant isn’t far behind. Don’t worry if you are an adult without kids – there are still options. The elephant will allow you to effectively replace a spare chair and bed with a single piece of furniture. Not only that, you can flatten out the bean bag and slide it under a bed or sofa if you need additional space.

Buying Elephant Bean Bags in China

Finding an elephant bean bag in China is a bit of a challenge. Instead of running through downtown Shanghai, click on the link below to order online now.  Choose from 21 different styles and best of all, we'll ship them directly to your home – no matter where in China you live.


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