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Shanghai Online Shop

For those new to Shanghai, there are a few Shanghai online shops that you should become familiar with. If you come from a Western country, it is likely that you spent a lot of time shopping online from stores such as Amazon, eBay and buy.com. While shopping at a Shanghai online shop is not as easy as shopping from these stores, there are some deals to be made by those who are adventurous enough to try some of the top online shops in Shanghai (and in China in general).

Shanghai online shop #1: taobao.com

TaoBao is easily the number one online shopping market in China. The stores are put together in a similar fashion to the independent dealers from Amazon.com. Any Chinese citizen can open up a TaoBao shop and sell anything from clothing to electronics. In fact, there are quite a few Chinese people who make a good living off of selling items on TaoBao. If you don't know how to read and type Chinese characters, it would benefit you to purchase items on TaoBao with a Chinese friend. This way you will better know all the details of the item that you are looking to purchase and you will be able to communicate with the merchant if necessary. If you decide that you would like to sell items on taobao.com, you will need to have a Chinese citizen open up a TaoBao shop for you. No matter what your preference, make sure you give TaoBao a shot if you are looking for a broad range of items at low prices.

Shanghai online shop #2: yihaodian.com

Yihaodian.com is an online grocery store that was created to offer low prices and convenient grocery shopping for people from many different cities in China, including Shanghai. The selection will not include perishable items or meats, but it does include many of the other groceries that you may be interested in. Yihaodian.com offers a great service for those who often buy their meals on the run. Combining your meals with side items bought from an online grocery store will save you time and will allow you to enhance your meals with grocery food from home without having to wait in long grocery lines. Like with taobao.com, yihaodian.com is not Western friendly. You will need to either know Chinese characters or have a good Chinese online translator to properly use this Shanghai online shop. If you don't, make sure you have a friend to help.

Shanghai online shop #3: Amazon.cn

For those of us who are used to purchasing items from Amazon.com, it is nice to know that China has its own version of Amazon. Amazon.cn offers many of the items that you would find on Amazon.com. However, this website is still far and away less popular than taobao.com. If you are looking for a familiar online store layout for your Shanghai online shop shopping, you will want to give Amazon.cn a chance. Once again, you will have trouble navigating this website if English is the only language you know.

Test out and enjoy all three of these Shanghai online shops if you are planning on spending any amount of time in Shanghai.

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