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  • Neck Side Pillow
    Neck Side Pillow
    Side sleepers deserve a pillow designed especially for them. The Side Pillow cradles your shoulder and neck when you sleep on your side for better alignment and support. Ergonomic shape developed by doctors to promote...
    Starting From:¥585

SlumberMAAX is committed to offering the best value rest and home comfort products and our pillows, linens and mats are no exception.

Some people sleep on their backs. Some sleep on their side. And, others prefer to sleep on their stomach. Truth is, most people sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night. That’s why SlumberMAAX offers a variety of pillows for just about every type of sleeper.

We have designed a full line of premium pillows that cater to sleepers of all positions. Grab a pair of pressure relieving memory foam pillows and use them with with a SlumberMAAX mattress or topper.  We understand the importance of a soft yet supportive pillow. There's nothing more relaxing than laying down and feeling that soft, gentle pillow on your head as you peacefully doze off into a good night's sleep. That's exactly what SlumberMAAX is offering to you! We have made sure through relentless testing and research that we are offering the absolute most comfortable pillows. You can be sure that SlumberMAAX will provide you with the rest you need and deserve.

Also check out our other quality products including our Egyptian cotton sheets, our ultra comfortable Rejuve Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat and our plush memory foam bath mats.

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